Candlevannah has a liberal cancellation, return, and refund policy since it firmly believes in doing everything in its power to assist its clients.

Policy on Cancellations:

On, how can I cancel an order?

You can contact our customer service team by email at or by phone at 9354094057 if the order or the items you want to cancel have not yet been dispatched.

(Monday to Sunday, 24/7 support)

In some cases, we will cancel the order and refund your money to you within 24-48 business hours of receiving your cancellation request.

Can the company cancel the order?

Yes, there are instances where a particular order may need to be cancelled by the business. The fact that you received an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not mean that we have accepted your order in its entirety. has the right to accept or deny your order for any reason at any time after you place it.

Despite the fact that our online stock inventory is set up to update automatically, maintains the right to contact you by phone, email, or mobile text if there is a discrepancy between the quantity you ordered of any item and the quantity actually in stock. In all of these situations, we reserve the right to either supply you with a smaller quantity than what you bought or to cancel your order after giving you prior notice.

When will my money be returned?

When a purchase is cancelled before it is sent, we handle the refund within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the request.

We handle the refund once the products have been received and checked at our warehouse in cases of cancellation after the shipment has already been issued or if it is being returned.

Replacements, refunds, and returns

How do I send something back that I bought on Candlevannah?

Customers of Candlevannah have access to a “easy return policy,” which allows them to seek a refund or exchange for a product within 3 days of delivery. You may also submit a return request for some or all of the items in your order, and we will accept partial returns.

Please include your order ID when contacting us via phone at 9354094057 (open 24/7, Monday through Sunday), or by email at Additionally, if possible, please take a picture of the item and submit it to us for reference. The things will be picked up by us in 2-4 business days. In the event that the product is unused and undamaged when it is delivered to us, we will start the refund or replacement process.

Under what conditions is the product not eligible for returns?

Returns are not permitted in the following circumstances:

  1. Use or modification of the product
  2. Due to abuse or excessive use, the product has been harmed.
  3. Returned with the original packaging broken or missing, including price tags, labels, original packaging, freebies, and other accessories.
  4. There has been tampering with the serial number.
  5. After the order has been delivered for three business days if the request is made,
    a free item offered by the company

What happens if the product is received broken?

If the goods or shipment is tampered with or damaged prior to delivery, kindly return it to the delivery person. Please contact our customer service department at 9354094057 (Monday through Sunday, 24/7) or send an email to with your order ID if any of the products you ordered from us are not received in good condition, are damaged, or are defective.

Reminder: In the event of a replacement, stock availability governs the decision. If a replacement is not available, we will refund your entire purchase price.

Can I exchange a portion of my order?

Yes. If you have ordered many goods, you can start a return, replacement, or refund for any individual item. Returns can be created at the item level. Any product being returned must, however, be returned in full, including all of its parts as well as any freebies or other items that came with it.

How will I receive my money back for the returned items, and how long will it take?

When a product is returned for a refund, exchange, or replacement and it arrives at our warehouse for inspection, we issue the refund.