Candlevannah is one of the best candle brand not only for its colours or unique combinations of design but also for its extraordinary blend of fragrances.

Candlevannah Fragrances :

Rose : One of the most popular gourmet fragrances is the delightful and beautiful aroma of rose fragrance. Rose fragrance has a sweet amber and warm aromatic scent that is safe to breathe in and leaves a lovely trail. It is enchanting and wonderful. There are touches of rose petals and pleasant texture notes in the Aromatic Rose fragrance.

Because of its countless advantages, rose fragrance oil is used for a wide range of applications. By lowering anxiety, tension, and depression, this fragrance has physiological and psychological advantages that successfully aid in calming the mind and body. Additionally, it improves the mood and makes the environment livelier. Additionally, it encourages the highest level of relaxation.

Lavender : The soothing and elegant perfume of lavender fragrance comes from the lovely-smelling lavender blossoms. The scent of lavender has undertones of woody undertones and fresh cedar, which gives the product a more organic feel. This well-balanced fragrance also contains a very slight amount of eucalyptus and orange blossom, which adds to its freshness and brightness.

The mind, body, and soul can be relaxed thanks to the lavender flower scent’s ability to balance all emotions and senses.

Vanilla : Fresh vanilla seeds are used only to create the natural vanilla fragrance, which has a warm, pleasant, sweet, and creamy scent. The stimulating and calming effects of vanilla’s wonderful, delectable aroma delightfully complement your individual scent.

Jasmine : Natural Jasmine Flower smell has a rich, rich aroma that comes from blossoming jasmine blooms. One of the most well-known floral scents in the world may be found in this fragrance. White plumeria, rose, lily, and thyme are just a few of the additional floral and vegetal smells found in the foundation of the jasmine fragrance, which has an exotic and oriental scent. Its lovely and seductive perfume brightens the atmosphere.

The White Jasmine Fragrance’s relaxing and stimulating floral scent breathes life and vitality into the space.

Chocolate : Real cocoa and vanilla are used to create the pleasant and sweet perfume of the chocolate fragrance . The aroma of dark and milk chocolates is lush and rich in this tempting fragrance. The cream, butter, and sweet honey notes are also present in chocolate fragrance. It continues to be among the most calming and pleasant smells.

The luscious Chocolate Aroma fragrance has a luxurious scent that is simply impossible to resist. This fragrance creamy vanilla and cocoa content give it an exotic and vintage feel.

Fountain Blue : A “blue” fragrance, or fountain blue, is typically a lightweight marine or summer scent. It is one of the best and freshest fragrances that energises your mood with amazing cool notes. More generally, “blue” is used to refer to a kind of “sea and sky” scent story. It’s not a formal scent category but more of a subset of marine scents.

Butterscotch : Rich, creamy butter is blended with an oak barrel to create butterscotch fragrance. This fragrance features hints of recently extracted sweet vanilla and old bourbon whisky. Delightful Butterscotch Fragrance has a flavour that is reminiscent of buttery caramel and sweet candy. A lovely smooth and mellow aroma is left behind by the subtle flavours of butter rum and maple sugar.

This fragrance potent vanilla and fruity liquor undertones create an incredibly sweet and seductive ambience. Additionally, it emits a pleasant aroma that most people find appealing.

Lemon : The delicate scent of fresh lemons has been added to the pure Lemon Fragrance Oil. The Lemon Fragrance, which is solely extracted from citrus fruit, has a wide range of beneficial characteristics, including those that are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, regenerative, fragrant, and others. It sometimes serves as a possible diffuser and has a reviving citrus scent. One of the best natural candle fragrances is lemon.

Orange : With a sweet citrus flavour that lies between mandarin and pomelo, Candlevannah’s orange fragrance has a little astringency. It smells amazing and feels like an orange that has just been squeezed. With top notes of mandarin oranges and pomelo, middle notes of lemon zest and lime, and a light tangerine base, it has a delightful aroma. For spring or summer, it is ideal.

The warmer months will undoubtedly see a rise in popularity for this scent, which is excellent for mid- to expensive regions. This fragrance oil was developed to evoke the well-known and adored fruity perfume associated with the common orange. It is a sweet, delicate, and fresh mixture. It rapidly releases a strong aroma associated with orange zest and lemons.

Amber : The aroma of amber is a powdery, warm, and sweet musk. Amber fragrance is made entirely of organic components including vanilla, patchouli, styrax, benzoin, and others. Oriental perfumes with a rich, powdery, and spicy feel are made with the amber aroma. Your senses would become engrossed in the alluring aroma of amber. The Amber Wood Scent’s alluring aroma wonderfully refreshes and delights the atmosphere.